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FasTrack is a quick, convenient way to get accounts off your desk and out the door. Our FastTrack team will underwrite the submission for you within hours. Learn more...

Full Speed Submission

Complete information to achieve the fastest terms from us. FastTrack submissions are designed to get basic, simple, small business exposures off your desk in a hurry. 


FastTrack Submission 

By line of business, ACORD™ and/or fully executed risk specific supplemental applications are considered by us and FastTrack may a perfect fit for simple, basic, small business accounts. 


FastTrack Initiation

Productive communication with all pertinent operations and a complete description of all exposures are essential to initiate the underwriting process. We need the ability to create speed. 


FastTrack Evaluation 

Let us quickly review, negotiate and achieve competitive terms tailored to fit the specific needs of small business. Please provide us the "basics" and we'll get started, 

All carriers AM Best© A Rated or better so
let's get started.

If you have a question about whether or not we can place business for a particular risk with a specific excess and surplus lines insurance carrier please contact us.  FAF provides access to multiple major domestic and international specialty insurance carriers supported by the highest rated reinsurance in the marketplace.

Commercial Property Submission

Coverage/Limit of Insurance:

Building Improvements/Updates:

Note: ACORD 140 - Property - Building Improvements Section has a space for listing dates of updates/upgrades. All building updates should be identified on the applications and confirmed upon review of the inspection.

Scroll to the top of this form for confirmation.

General Liability Submission  

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