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Access to dozens of excess and surplus lines insurance products on a wholesale submit or brokerage basis.

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ACORD Applications accepted. Feel free to contact us for a class specific supplemental application or product inquiry. Contact us for additional risks or products not shown below.

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Dozens of coverage options and lines of business. Contact us for additional coverage, products & classifications not shown below.

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Coverage & Lines.  

Contact us for additional coverage, products & classifications not shown. General Liability historically has, and continues to be, our core line of business, comprising roughly 65% of our total written premium in addition to related coverages, Property, Excess, Inland Marine, Crime, MPL, Personal Lines, Liquor Liability and more...

Commercial General Liability 
Commercial Property 
Commercial Auto Physical Damage
Garage Coverage
Commercial Excess Liability 
Mold, Pollution, Environmental
Special Event
Personal Umbrella
Liquor Liability 
Inland Marine
Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL)
Owners Contractors Protective (OCP)
Product Liability 
Plate Glass 
Commercial Umbrella
Professional Liability 
Farm & Ranch 
Builders Risk 
Homeowners HO3
Collectibles Insurance
Condominium Unit Owners
Difference In Conditions (DIC)
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Additional Insured Primary and Non-Contributory
Construction Related Exposures
Contractual Liability Amendment
Defense Within Limits
Discontinued Products
Environmental Pollution Exposures
Explosion, Collapse and Underground Property Damage Hazard
Follow Form Excess Liability
Host Liquor Liability
Premises Liability
Abuse or Molestation Liability
Animal Related Coverage
Assault or Battery Limited Liability Coverage
Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability
Limited Product Withdrawal Expense Coverage
Lost Key
Owners And Contractors Protective Coverage (OCP)
Privacy Breach Coverage
Professional Liability - Occurrence Form
Stop Gap - Employers' Liability Insurance
Construction Project General Aggregate Limit
Waiver of Transfer of Rights Against Others to Us
Contractors Extension Endorsement
Property Damage – Care, Custody and Control
Waiver of Governmental Immunity
Per Project / Per Location Aggregate
Condo Unit Owners CGL & Property 
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Duty to Defend Wording
Personal Injury Coverage
Bilateral Extended Reporting Period
Supplemental Payments
Automatic Spousal Coverage Extension 
Final Adjudication
Claims Expenses in addition to limit of liability
First Dollar Defense
Copyright/Infringment Coverage
Punitive Damages
Independent Contractors
Softened (50/50) Hammer Clause
Pay on Behalf Wording
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Coverage over 1,400 classes
Auto (light, medium & heavy)
Employer’s Liability
Liquor Liability
Employee Benefits Liability
Condo D&O
Liquor Liability
Commercial Contractors
Residential Contractors
Apartments & Dwellings
Building/Premises – LRO
Vacant/Occupied Land
Vacant Buildings
Limits up to $10M
Retail Establishment
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Windstorm or Hail
Debris Removal
Equipment Breakdown
Extra Expense
Legal Liability
Ordinance or Law Coverage
Peak Season Endorsement
Signs (Commercial Property)
Transit Coverage (Property in Transit)
Utility Services - Direct Damage & Time Element
Crime Robbery and Safe Burglary
Crime Premises Theft and Outside Robbery
Crime Robbery and Safe Burglary/Money and Securities
Identity Recovery Coverage (IDR)
Property Extension for Special Form
Personal Effects and Property of Others
Water Back Up or Overflow From Sewer, Drain or Sump
Condominium Commercial Unit-Owners Coverage Form
Condominium Association Coverage Form
Lock and Key Replacement
Builders Risk
Radio and Television Antennas
Outdoor Trees, Shrubs and Plants
Seasonal Leases – Monthly Limits on Loss Payment
Legal Liability Coverage Form
Building And Personal Property Coverage Form
Leased Property
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Accounts Receivable
Bailee’s Customers Goods
Contractors Equipment
Contractors Miscellaneous Tools
Installation Coverage
Miscellaneous Scheduled Property
Repair and Service Operations Legal Liability
Trip Transit 
Valuable Papers and Records
Watercraft Physical Damage Coverage
EDP - Electronic Data Processing 
Bailee Customers
Warehouse Legal Liability 
Motor Truck Cargo 
Machinery and Equipment 
Exhibition Floater
Signs (Inland Marine)
Farm Equipment
Miscellaneous Commercial Floaters
Fine Arts
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Garage Liability, Garagekeepers and Dealers Open Lot (DOL)
Legal Liability, Direct Excess, Direct Primary GKLL
False Pretense
Medical Payments
Uninsured Motorists
Personal Injury Protection
Broadened Coverage
Damage to Rented Premises
Dealer’s Errors & Omissions
Waiver of Subrogation
Personal Injury Liability
Radius of Pickup & Delivery Extension
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Contractors Pollution Liability 
Restoration & Mold Contractors
Transportation Pollution
Site Specific Pollution
EIFS Pollution 
Waste Facilities
Hazardous Materials
Storage Tank/Piping Cleaning
Asbestos Abatement
Environmental Drilling
Consulting Services
Contracting Operations
Air Quality Testing
Mold/Microbial Matter
Air Quality Testing
Mold/Lead Abatement
Landfills/Disposal Facilities
Wastewater/Sewage Treatment
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Charterers Legal Liability
Docks and Piers
Protection and Indemnity
Boat Dealers
Marine Contractor Legal Liability
Ship Repairers Liability 
Terminal Operators
Ocean Cargo
Marine General Liability
Marine Excess Liability
Wharfingers' Liability
Stevedores' Liability
Terminal Operators Liability
Hull & Machinery
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Assault & Battery Coverage 
Separate Aggregate Limit for each insured location
Defense Cost in addition to the limit
"Your Entertainment" Coverage
No deductible or SIR - first dollar coverage
Special Events 
Additional Insured-Employees Coverage
Additional Insured - Lessor coverage
Additional Insured - Volunteers coverage
 $1,000,000 Each Common Cause/$2,000,000 Aggregate
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Personal Cyber Liability 
Excess Personal Umbrella
Farmers Personal Liability
Excess Comprehensive Personal Liability 
Target / High-Profile Primary and Excess Personal Umbrella
Target / High-Profile Primary and Excess Personal Liability (CPL or OL&T)
Identity Theft
Animal Liability
Property Managers on a Scheduled Location
Youthful Drivers with Prior History
Trusts , Estates , Individuals , LLCs (Personally Owned Only)
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